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About Avid

AVID is a stepping-stone to prepare motivated and hardworking students to become competitive for acceptance into four-year colleges and universities, and provides support for students in their academic courses.  AVID is looking for the student with the individual determination to work for his or her own success.


AVID provides a learning community where students are able to interact and learn with other motivated students working toward similar goals.  The AVID curriculum features writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading, study skills, and college and career activities.  Also, the AVID teacher communicates with both guardians and teachers of AVID students to ensure that students have the support necessary for them to be successful.  The AVID team works with students to develop an in-depth, six-year program that supports students in their efforts to attend and be successful in both high school and four-year colleges and universities.


Being part of the AVID program at Los Cerros is a privilege.  If you are interested in learning more and/or applying to be a part of this program, please come to the informational meeting at Los Cerros in the MPR at (date to be determined).   Both the student and his/her guardian(s) should attend the meeting.


Copies of the application will be available at the information night.  All application materials are due on or before (date to be determined)to the office.  Interviews with potential candidates will be scheduled after the applications are received.  If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Nancy Mahoney –